Mapping out Eye Catching Style.

For many of those who strive to stay on top of the 'latest trends, I have observed on multiple occasions those who complete the so called reading list of fashion related must-haves and walk away lingering that perplexed question of,
"Now, how the hell would I be able to pull  (item here)  off?" 
After all, it's as they've always told you, actions speak louder then words. Not only is it inspiring to see how the bazillion told-to-be fashion forward pieces are thrown together & accessorized through real represented pictures, but to look around the globe to see virtually by culture what is chosen by those frolicking in the fashion world gives a fresh dimension (even giving a new perspective on pieces that you might already have in your closet).  
These displayed photos are a selected few that have most recently caught my eye around the globe; celebs & those prominent put aside (although some may be recognized). The lesson here is to alter your focus & attention, as we tend to conventionally study and obsessed over fashion photographs in simple terms, whether it's 1) spotting someone fashion familiar that you take pleasure in admiring/idolizing OR 2) gazing past a photo of someone unfamiliar thinking generally, "ugh, I want that look" or
 "Man, wish i could pull that off."
 Instead, it's time to jump out of routine & attempt to identify specifically what it is about that particular outfit that caught your individual attention, as that is key to really capturing an eye for new trends. 
Was it their color combo? The patterns mixed? Her ability to blending different fabrics? How they might have accessorized? Doing this springs that oh so natural ability to recreate your very own 'image inspired' ensemble all through the beauty of
one simple photograph

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