Annie Leibovitz

She is a photographer known to naturally flow swiftly right into each situation & person she comes into contact with, it is a gift that has been repeatedly noticed by many from the beginning. The Rolling Stones claimed Annie Leibovitz wouldn't last long following around their group capturing their tour lives on the road, and next thing you know she became part of the posse molding the lifestyle and building friendships, becoming a well loved plus one. She became the top photographer in the rock and roll world and her popularity grew massively. She captured movements, personality, and recreated these realistic moments in time that received great recognition. Everyone wanted to be shot by Annie Leibovitz.
In the 1980's Annie worked with John Lennon and Yoko Ono capturing a cover image for Rolling Stone that eventually meant more then ever imagined. "I was happy because it was the height of intimacy at that time." -Yoko Ono. With the curled up photo shown above of the couple, Lennon stated he was not afraid to do this. He was right on there with her and he did not mind showing himself naked holding on to his woman. Having no idea for a heavy weight that was coming, the death of John Lennon followed. It became one of the most remarkable covers. The image became this amazing artifact that expressed a strong caption needless of words, Rolling Stone left the cover of the magazine blank.
Annie wasn't looking at fashion as much as she was in portraits. There was a photograph shot for a rock and roll promotion on The Rose featuring Bette Midler. This was the beginning of Annie really taking the time and effort to creatively set up a photograph, which then brought it straight to home as she began assignments capturing specific people. She had finally began considering ideas, graphic concepts, finding irony, comedy, the idea of the subject connecting to the personalities was done in such style and simplicity. For Example, Fleetwood Mac and the Blues Brothers featured in the images above.
Annie left Rolling Stone Magazine began a new life at Vanity Fair. The Conde Nast staple was a big step for Annie and she began working with anyone and everyone famous including Julia Roberts, George Clooney, Maryl Streep, Jamie Foxx, The Trump's, Reagan' name it. Hearing the name Annie Leibovitz on the other side of the phone was this automatic open sesame to many celebrities agreeing to be photographed, because they were aware of her amazing work done. There was a right away confidence in her ability to capture a beautiful photograph. 
"I never thought I'd be into fashion" -Annie Leibovitz 

Anna Wintour of Vogue repeatedly claimed that Annie gives you an image and she really cares about the images. To care is such a unique gift that can make for the biggest difference. Caring is key. With the center of the industry being so celebrity driven, one photographer is a yawn. Annie's name mentioned and they're in within a snap. "She is the apex of the image culture that is so fixated on celebrities." -Vicki Goldberg. With Annie, shoots eventually became super complex and demands got higher, such as in the Vogue shoot with Keira Knightley shown above. If Annie wanted it... bam! She got it on the shoot...marching bands, fire, flying objects, this...that. Today we sit back and look at her work and we notice Annie's gift in photography as she captures an image with much passion & with that results in not only an image shot and slabbed on the cover of a magazine, but a true gift of art and vision portrayed. She offers the reader true life within each individual photo that can only come so rarely to many hard working photographers who strive for targeting such a simple sounding task. It's Inspiring to take this and think about it in the sense of your own future goals that lie ahead of you. To hear someone else's story and apply specific learning applications towards the direction of your own future can really get you thinking. What do you want to live up to and what is it about you that sets you apart. Each of us are gifted differently in the way to do things. Do what you care about and find what you are deeply passionate about. Easily said, but quite deep to think about.

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