It's true, we tend to feel more comfortable picking up a potential shopping items thinking "oh, this can go with everything..i'll have it forever" or  "got to think simple".  We'll someone has to encourage you otherwise. For the first time in your life its time to take a different approach. Many of us feel we can't pull off certain wardrobe "cools" that we may find worn on a model in the current issue of Vogue or Vanity Fair. You pass by some killer leopard skinny jeans or this amazing long pleated skirt screaming your name and you quickly pass by only imagining what it would be like to wear. "I'm not tall enough", "too much of a statement", or "i don't want to stick out that much". What are you so worried about? It's fair and understandable, it is only normal as humans to feel subconscious in certain things, especially as we all have a unique body type where something you may put on can look completely different on your best friend. 

“We all, whether we know it or not, respond to subconsciously as human beings to symmetry. That is where this beauty standard comes in: symmetry is considered beautiful in our society.” -Tom Ford

As the holiday season has approached and we are shopping for the perfect party outfit or casual winter wear to stay warm, find that next shoe, jacket, or scarf  that screams pizzaz. Exotic fabrics, special stitching, appliqué, buttons, fur, sequin, bling, crazy patterns & prints, hype color, something that stands apart from that plain black cardigan sitting in the front of your closet. When you find something special like that and get the guts to take it home and test it out, you will quickly learn that although it may not be something you can wear daily or on every occasion, you will soon realize the special addition it has made. It will be a feel good piece that can dress up any dull outfit and add that missing entertainment to the eye. 
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