One word comes to mind, natural. That is all that describes the collaboration above. A soft and poised look where each separate piece is so well versatile within most items in your wardrobe, but this is the ultimate "sophistification"(a word that should be created). I know many who will go into their closet and throw together jeans and a top/shorts and a top, maybe a necklace to "dress it up" and there you have it. Change your way, get creative. Next time you go shopping, don't stick with the safe stuff, find something interesting and new. It can be as natural colored as the items above, but have fabulous embellishment, defined trim, a large collar, belted accessory, scallops, ruffles or a subtle quirky pattern to it. You name it, think outside the box and let the ideas and creations of the designers guide you to new looks and new inspirations. Above is a beautiful All Saints Dress that can seriously be repeatedly worn with a minor change in accessories, a CCSkye Clutch, and lovely not to mention affordable T-bar cutout platforms from TopShop. Finsh off the look right with a golden eye, Nars Duo eyeshadow called windstar. 

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