charm and chain: necklaces

Charm & Chain offers a fabulous variety and my favorite things are found below: All Statement Necklaces. Founded in 2008, Charm & Chain was named “Best of the Web” by InStyle Magazine and DailyCandy’s “Sweetest Thing of 2009.” The site also received a nomination for the prestigious Retail Rising Star Award by Fashion Group International. 
Don't just scroll down...Admire and Appreciate the detail and work expressed in each piece presented from Charm & Chain. Little time do we ever begin to imagine jewelry as a piece of art, but think about it, because truly and idealistically it is. The detail and finish of each presented convey the idea of great craftsmanship along with careful detail.
$644;  $712
$625;  $428
$1,400 ;  $428

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  1. Check out Clos-ette Too and see what Ali Galgano, founder Charm & Chain jewelry suggests to "take your outfit to the next level and give you multiple options while traveling,”