Elastic Stripe Wedges
Finally! Spring has paved the way for this trending Color Boost. Color Blocking is the latest "IT Thing" in Fashion purely defined as wearing bright statement colors that will without a doubt trigger any eye. You will begin to notice different clothing pieces, handbags, shoes, and accessories that may be presented in more of a stinging color, but wait just a second for those who only wear seldom color, don't quickly shut down the option. Embrace this statement opportunity and notice life and personality it gives. PRADA and FENDI are two Premier Designers who have completely jumped in the water with Color this Season. Next time you are out to cure your shopping need, be on the look out for something with Live Color, it doesn't have to be crazy for those who enjoy blending in, but it can be as little as hues placed on a bangle or a pair of earrings. Base it on your comfort level, but remember to keep the "I can't pull this off" idea out of your head, I hate when people have that denial belief system.
My key motto is that Anyone can pull anything off as long as there is confidence worn with it. 
Don't be afraid of what people think around you, really though Who Cares what they think? ...there are too many individual critics in this world to put into consideration, do solely what you believe in and don't think past it. Because if you do you get consumed in it and it royally puts a damper on Life.

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