NYFW: Models Magnified

Runway models come from all over and arrive extra early to fully prepare for a show; after setting their belongings down next to the designated rack in which the garments they will present are located, they walk straight to hair and makeup to get dolled up according to the designers specific look and instruction to the stylists. Every designer is known to carry a based idea/influence behind the collection they display each season. With that in mind, they must decide how to have the models portrayed once they step foot on the runway-- makeup: natural or dramatic? Hair: up, down, straight, curls, teased? nails: dark or light? Lip: nude or bold color? A models job is to confidently and elegantly exhibit these first seen garments and rush backstage to carefully change into next look all in a short span of time. It takes dedication to stay at an according size for wearing the samples, be prompt to the show with clear complexion, and successfully make it through the show as directed without mistakes of falling, accidently getting makeup on the clothes, or messing up hair in between looks; models must also be comfortable being exposed as they are dressing in front of many strangers, as well as agreeing to wear whatever is in store: transparent or not. It may seem like an easy job but models work hard to maintain an appearance and hold relationships with designers, agencies, and magazines as does any other business.

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