Jazz it up for Holiday Parties

It has come around to that time of the season for festive holiday parties entitled to long gowns, cocktail dresses, and celebration. With this I thought what would be more appropriate then sharing what I find could really add some life to your outfit? Here are some key styling tips for the next social occasion you may be preparing for.
Accessories are key; they can make or break an outfit. Be careful if you have on a very busy dress, because it is easy to go overboard. But when it comes to finding the right pieces for your dress, just please do me a favor and stray from your everyday jewelry. Hello? This is a special event, you don't get everyday opportunities to go all out. If it comes down to it, go ask mom if you can borrow something special or else it's time to hit the stores to find some great sparkle for this event. Now I don't mean go spend a fortune on something for a one night affair, be smart about acquiring, but simply find a signature accessory like a cool oversized clutch, an edgy piece of jewelry that may be a good conversation starter, or if those aren't possible you can easily create a new look with your makeup that can make heads turn... Have fun with putting your look together, we are made to be naturals at this.

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