tidbits you should know from Rachel Zoe

As Rachel Zoe inspires millions, she leaves tricks of the trade in her golden fashion bible "Style from A to Zoe". Here are a couple need to knows that you should take into account coming from the expert herself:
1. A groomed eye brow can open up your eyes and frame your face.
2. Only buy something because you love it, need it, and will use it
3. Every woman should own a classic black dress and red lipstick
4. With perfume, don't rub wrists together, it crushes the scent
5. Always have a polished nail even if it's clear
6. Having at least one good of great fitting, go-to jean is a crucial element in a wardrobe
7. Fashion now is so much about high and low dressing; mix your H&M party dress with your $400 Jimmy Choo heels.
8. Never leave the house without a little mascara

"If you show up looking a bit more glam then the rest, what's the worst-case scenario? You look the best in the room? -RZ

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