Boys will be Boys

Men who are able to dress show a lot about their character. Not even how they dress, but to see a man making the effort to put something interesting, classic, or even something unexpected on is very impressive. Just because you may not be homosexual doesn't give you the excuse to not venture to look nice guys. Be secure enough to look good whatever your status may be. Many say that having a style sense is irrelevant and unimportant, but have you really ever taken the time to consider the psychology of it? What we put on out bodies is the how we want to present ourselves to others, the way we express to people who we are. Quite frankly I find guys more interesting when they set themselves apart from the rest and I'm sure I'm not the only one. Whether it's simply a classy watch, a tie or button down with a great pattern, even the way you part your hair can be a "wow" factor. It all may sound ludacris to some, but who else is going to bluntly say it other then your mom and the magazines that you don't take the time to read. It's entertaining to think about.

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