I don't know what it is about glasses, they add such charisma and depth that I can't seem to identify why most people would rather live in their contacts. Some days I wish that my eyes would go worse just for the fashion statement of glasses, oh i'd give anything. I love them, I've worn them just for the accessory statement intentionally. I feel that there is still this unspoken stereotype for glasses as being nerdy, my thought is it's a load of garbage. Yes some end up wearing them because they are lazy or just woke up. Try a normal day when you are fresh and ready to go and put on the glasses. End this "four eyes" haunting that you've had since you were little. Johnny Depp, Josh Hartnett, John Lennon... These men should be great role models. You can't not admit that glasses add such an edge and fascination to someone. check out Tom Ford for great thick frames. Aside from Polo who has great circular's.

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