Can you guess where you've seen these?

Have you ever taken the time to get out of the the current tv drama and taken a closer look at the shows set and how they have decorated? On the set of Gossip Girl there are a noticeable amount of neat art pieces that have caught my eye and I'm sure yours too, I can't quit admiring them. Mostly found in the Vanderwoodsen's home, these four have made a statement whether in the living room or bedrooms. But the real question is who are the artists? Art Pieces one and two are by artist Richard Phillips, third is Prada marfa by Elmgreen & dragset, Last is sparkle photograph by Marilyn Minter. I'd die to have all of these in my room, but i will say i do have the Large lovely vintage Chance Chanel Poster from floor to ceiling in my room, it makes me smile everytime so i can't complain! Next time your watching your favorite show take a second to see what these paid interior designers behind the scenes have done with the sets and decorations within the show, you might be surprised!

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