Home Spa

silence. soft. soothing. simplicity.

No need to go out and spend a fortune when you can do it for yourself sometimes... Don't want to leave the house, have a couple of free hours, and need some pampering? Heres your 101 on Having your own spa day in the comfort of your own home. First make a pretty pitcher of water, throw in some mint leaves and berries to make it look pretty, if your up to doing extra thinly slice up a couple lemons. Drinking a lot of water helps hydrate your body and will make you feel good throughout the day. Next turn out the lights, light a couple of candles around your bathtub and soak in silence. Make sure you have some pretty smelling bubble bath to get the full effect. Afterward wrap up in a soft robe and put on a soothing face mask, the one above is L'Occitane $32.

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