Vassilios Kostetsos


If you haven't heard of him, get to know him better. Vassilios Is a Greek designer and this is his second time back at Fashion Week. Being very popular in Athens, He is a rising designer here in the US. This season his collection looked like a mix between Lady GaGa meets michael Jackson. It was edgy with a twist of glamour. Click here to get a sneak peak from his spring 2010. This is me and my friend Alex with a couple of the male models for the show. Never judge a model by their appearance..i know it's what they are paid for but after meeting a couple this week i learned a lot. It's neat to hear a models story because some are still finishing school, some modeling to pay for their living, and others aren't stopping here but have dreams of futures in acting or music. They might have beautiful faces and may be seen as having everything, but it's a tough world in the modeling career just as it is for the trials that we may go through with our own career decisions.

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