The Core of Fashion

There are so many cool Vintage Vogue Pattern Books in the basement of the Fashion Building at the University of Texas. Some date as back to as early as the 60's. Because of the large amount they have collected over the years, faculty decided to clean out the ancient pattern books and set them out for those who were interested in taking them. I brought two home thinking it would be fun to cut out create a large colouge and frame it, but as I began flipping through the books, it made me realize that these should not just be thrown around. These are real patterns that were popular and looked upon by wonderful designers and probably still very inspiring today for those who are into fashion design. Once i opened up the books i realized these are not just any cut outs, this is like my very own "history book of fashion" how cool? Sometimes we forget what it's all about when we get consumed in it. Fashion is an art and way of thinking and using what you have to make something bigger and better. Many of us look at clothing as an item but im here to remind you...Never forget how precious garments are. Each done with a whole team and thought process between every detail and decision. Deep right?

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