the gift of Giving

This Holiday season support and donate to those in need and in return receive awarding tokens to wear, use, and remember. First we have the donation to charity: Water which is a nonprofit organization helping develop clean and safe water for people in nations that are still in the growing process. Get your Charity Water bracelet in a package of five for $20.00 at Second is STELLA (product) Gap Tee. This was created by Stella McCartney in the attempt to raise money to fight AIDS. This White Tee with Red Chains is perfect colors for the season! $28.00 at next, FEED Project. Their mission is to reach the worlds 400 million hungry children and work towards providing them with an education, their website includes bags, bracelets, pouches, etc. My favorite, the pouch can be found at for $25.00. (It would be a great pen bag, small make up traveler). Last but not least is Falling Whistle. Changing the world by those who aren't silence but speak out. Support war affected children, wear the whistle as a symbol to remember and share the story of these children. Fill your heart this season knowing that your helping out someone in need.

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  1. Another good one is Falling Whistles. They aim to end child soldiering in the DRC and are selling some pretty sweet whistles to that end.