TOMS Shoes, time you get a pair.

Here is all you need to know about these uprising shoes that started at a couple stores like Whole Earth Provisions and Whole Foods; it has now succeeded to be sold at Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom. Growing Popularity. Comfortable Shoe. Helping Others in need. Multiple Styles, Colors, Designs. So Why not buy a pair? Exactly.
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  1. I'm loving Toms Shoes too! - There is a big trend happening right now - fashion with a purpose - it's called "SOCIAL FASHION" ... There is Toms Shoes, Gap(red), , all very cool with great missions... SIE is a new urban/sports company which designs SIE merchandise in order to fund SIE children's World Cup soccer tournaments around the World... The SIE tournaments encourage positive thinking and raise money for charity... The more SIE merchandise sold the more SIE tournaments the more SIE tournaments the more money is raised for charity... It's a unique & very cool concept... It's more profound when you learn that the founder of SIE's last words to his father were that "they would lift the World Cup together", before he suddenly passed away with Cancer... this is why they started their company and why SIE raises money for children's Cancer charities thru the SIE World Cup tournaments...